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The Upper School’s four-year course of study is designed to create well-rounded, passionate, versatile, serious scholars capable of effective communication, sustained work, independent thought and original expression—while they’re having fun. The academic program recognizes and develops individual strengths while building competence across academic, athletic, and extracurricular pursuits. Arts and athletics are part of the curriculum, and we encourage both broad participation and excellence. Here students find more time and attention from teachers in small classes, more challenges and support, more trust and respect between teachers and students, and more prep for college and life.

Charles Wright’s Upper School is a diverse learning community with almost 300 girls and boys from across Pierce, South King, Thurston, and Kitsap Counties. One in three is a student of color, and we also welcome a select group of international students. We have small classes with an average of just 15 students per section. Each year, we have a student-to-teacher ratio of 8-to-1 or better. Our teachers have small course loads, and most teach just four sections.

Perhaps what is most unique about Charles Wright’s Upper School is the culture created by students and teachers. There is no single definition of success here, no single dream college, and no one way to do things. As a student said in her graduation address a few years ago: “Charles Wright is a place where unique, talented, confident and caring people come together to learn and grow. At this school there are no rigid stereotypical student groups of athletes, or performers, or nerds. We are all a little sporty, we can all put on a little show, and we’re all a little nerdy. We all weave in and out of many different groups, and because of this we all get to know each other. We get to see things from someone else’s point of view. And we get to appreciate everything every single individual has to offer.”

Where does it all lead? All of our students are college bound. We strive to help students discover who they are as people and what they will value most in their college education and then help them find the school that best fits their strengths and interests. We not only want our students to earn great test scores and get into great colleges, we want to them excel once they get there. Year after year, our graduates report that they are very well prepared for college and life.

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