Stephanie Glenn

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Stephanie Glenn

Upper School Japanese Teacher
Outdoor Education Coordinator
Track Coach

Office | 253.620.8317
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At Charles Wright Academy Since 1994

University of Washington, BA

Stephanie Glenn teaches Japanese in the Upper School. She particularly enjoys taking students to Japan during Winterim and coordinating Charles Wright’s exchange program with the Mukogawa School. In addition to teaching, she coordinates the school’s outdoor education program.

“I started studying Japanese formally in seventh grade at Charles Wright and never stopped,” says Glenn. “Learning about a country so different in so many ways from my own has given me a greater appreciation of where I come from as well as a deeper understanding of how differently people can live. Not only has my life been shaped strongly by my own Japanese studies, I have been fortunate to watch many of my own students spend quality time in Japan as tourists, exchange students, and even in their careers. It is exciting to see relationships grow among people who live in many ways very differently.”

“In our world, I believe it is increasingly important for young people to early on develop healthy curiosity about other cultures, seeking similarity and common ground even among people who seem to have perspectives, opinions, speech and lifestyles different from our own. Charles Wright’s commitment to teaching world languages is an incredibly valuable part of its education.”

“My daughters, Samantha and Daphne, are now Tarriers, and it’s really fun to get to know the school from a parent’s perspective. What a special place CWA is!”

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