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Leon Phillips

Upper School Math Teacher

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At Charles Wright Academy Since 1998

University of Warwick, BS

Leon Phillips teaches Upper School math. He hopes that his students always remember that math is not about crunching numbers. “Numbers without context are meaningless,” says Phillips. “One of the best things I ever heard from a student was, ‘This is the answer I got, but it doesn’t look right.’ That tells me that the student is actually thinking about the problem and not just following some formula.”

In addition to teaching, Phillips coaches soccer and Ultimate, and briefly advised both the Chuck Norris Fan Club and Stomp Club. He also participates in improvisational theatre and cheers wildly at school sporting events. In 2008 the CWA Parent Association presented him with the Inspirational Faculty Award.

“The big difference between CWA and other schools I’ve worked at is the trust and camaraderie between faculty members and the hugely positive atmosphere created by a supportive administration. The morale among faculty is phenomenal!”

A naturalized citizen of the United States, Phillips grew up in England. For two years, he technically had no nationality. In the very brief period between renouncing his British citizenship and taking his oath to the United States, the U.S. Department of Immigration and Naturalization Services mistakenly closed his file and it took Phillips two years to get the file reopened. “The whole story is actually quite interesting,” he says, “especially the part where my fingerprints ‘expired.'”

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