Creighton King

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Creighton King

Upper School English Teacher

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At Charles Wright Academy Since 2004
On leave for the 2017-2018 academic year

University of Utah, BS

Creighton King teaches English in the Upper School. “Charles Wright is an amazing institution,” says King. “This is a place where everyone gets to learn how it feels to be honest and free and kind and loving and brave with each succeeding moment.”

King is currently writing a memoir. “My book is a memoir that traces my obsession with extreme skiing and extreme running all the way back to my brother’s death from a cave-in when I was 14,” he explains. “Nine years after that tragic event, I was buried alive myself in an avalanche, but my friends, who’d triggered the slide onto me, dug me out.”

King’s countless adventures and mishaps, and the occasional catastrophe, included running 120 miles a week for five years, winning the Pikes Peak Marathon twice, setting a record running up and down the Grand Teton, and running the Grand Canyon rim-to-rim-to-rim (41.2 miles) five times.

King taught in both public and independent schools for nearly 15 years before he joined the faculty of Charles Wright. Before beginning his teaching career, he drove a taxi in New York City, picked apples in Tonasket, roughnecked on an oil rig, worked as a radio dispatcher for the Alta Marshal’s Office, taught running clinics to teenagers, saw the Grateful Dead more than 50 times, and fell in love more times than he can remember.

“My love of literature, writing, running, anthropology, and philosophy is exceeded only by my love of teaching,” says King. “During high school, a young person’s mind really begins to expand into its own possibilities and students really begin to develop a self-awareness of being truly one-of-a-kind.”

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