Charles Wright is big enough to offer the full high school experience and small enough for you to be part of everything.

Outdoor Experiential Education Hike

Experiential Education

Your student will have many opportunities for experiential education at Charles Wright, an approach to learning that recognizes that human beings learn best from hands-on experiences.

All Upper School students participate in exciting challenges during “Experiential Ed Week” in September, including backpacking on wilderness trails in the Cascades.

Students also look forward to experiences like “Winterim,” a week of activities, travels, classes, and workshops that takes place each year. Our students and teachers dive deep into concentrated subjects, themes, or activities outside the traditional curriculum. Students have traveled abroad to study world cultures, volunteered for Habitat for Humanity, and visited colleges and universities to immerse themselves in campus life.

Clubs and Affinity Groups

Extracurricular affinity groups, alliances, and clubs allow Upper School students even more opportunities for connection and leadership. Examples include the Black Student Affinity Group, the Gay Straight Alliance, and a variety of clubs, from animation to ecology to rock climbing, and more.

Charles Wright is home to state champion Knowledge Bowl and robotics teams, and our National History Day scholars regularly win state and national titles. We travel frequently and produce an award-winning yearbook.

Student Government

The Upper School student government is composed of elected representatives from each grade as well as members elected by the entire student body. The aim is to provide leadership, promote the rights of the student body, and work closely with peers and faculty to foster community at CWA based on mutual trust and cooperation.

Service Learning

Upper School students actively participate in Service Learning to develop each student’s potential for responsible citizenship by blending service learning into the intellectual, physical, and artistic life of the Upper School. 

Our belief is that service comes from our hearts and is incorporated into our lives, connecting us with others.