Charles Wright Academy’s Upper School prepares students to successfully navigate the future with confidence

At CWA, we don’t just want our students to get into great colleges and universities, we want them to grow as real-world problem solvers, collaborators, and innovators who will thrive and lead others into the future — and have a fun and engaging journey making life-long friends along the way!

The Upper School’s four-year course of study is designed to inspire, motivate, and grow students into their best selves as artists, musicians, writers, mathematicians, scientists, philosophers, innovators and more, capable of effective communication, sustained work, independent thought, and original expression—while connecting inclusively with others in a close-knit, supportive community.

Our program recognizes and develops individual strengths while building competence across a wide range of academic pursuits. Arts and athletics are an integral part of the curriculum, and we encourage active participation, excellence, and joy.

Upper School At-A-Glance

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We decided CWA was the right school for many reasons, but particularly we liked the curriculum requirements and the small class sizes. I really like that sports and arts are treated just as important as academics. The smaller class sizes mean that my kids don’t get lost in the crowd, and teachers have more personalized relationships with the kids, which elicits higher student engagement. Since being at CWA, I’ve really noticed, in particular, that Christopher has much more investment in his work. I have found parents to be very welcoming and curious, and I have found teachers to be sincerely interested and passionate about working with my kids.”

— Christine, Current Parent