Task Force Update: July 17

Task Force update from 7/17/20

The community support sub-committee of the task force has continued to refine plans on specific elements on how best to provide the structure, information, and connection points for students, families, and staff for the coming fall. We are making plans for the implementation of a comprehensive and consistent advisory program and some expanded procedures for supporting families in need beyond the school day. We hope to have a more robust framework to care for students and families in both our day to day program and in more specific and challenging situations that may arise. Faculty and staff will be engaging in professional development training to support the implementation and to maintain this program that will benefit students every day at each developmental level. We are also working on an introductory video for families and students that will cover new ways of doing things around school that will be informative, yet engaging and fun to watch. There are also important steps in making sure all faculty and staff are familiar with how to support students in our new approaches to be as safe as possible, and we are making sure these precautions will be consistently applied and monitored. The sub-committees are exchanging information and planning in concert to make sure that our overall approach is best for all students as they return to the educational process.

The members of the Health and Safety committee met with both the Program and Support groups to discuss overlapping areas of concern and to continue more detailed coordination of our planning. Coming out of those discussions, most of our attention was focused on classrooms, bathrooms, and handwashing procedures, the daily schedule, travel time, lunchtime, as well as dismissal and transportation protocols.

* With regard to classrooms, we are moving towards clarity about the spacing of furniture, movement and grouping of students in classrooms, as well as the need for cleaning of shared materials. This will also directly inform the work of the Program and Schedule committee to determine spaces and timing for student coursework.

* In the vetting of daily schedules, it appears that there is sufficient passing time between classes. It is noted that part of this “passing time” should include the opportunity for teachers to re-arrange their rooms, wipe down surfaces, and air out classrooms.

* Dismissal protocols, after-school activities, and the closing of buildings and the campus at the end of the day are also being closely examined for how to best implement health and safety protocols.

The date of the next Town Hall meeting has been moved from July 20th to July 27th so that a more complete plan can be shared with families at that time. Sub-committees are prepared for next steps in codifying a complete plan for submission and final adoption by Senior Leadership.