Study Tips for Final Exams: Review

//Study Tips for Final Exams: Review

Study Tips for Final Exams: Review

By: Sinead Coleman

Charles Wright Academy Upper School students take their final exams for the first semester next week. Learning specialist Sinead Coleman has shared advice for preparing, studying, and now reviewing ahead of tests. Good luck, Tarriers!

(The last week before the exam)

9. Practicing: When you review, you are no longer learning or relearning information. You are practicing and strengthening your memory. You are rereading your study guides and using flashcards. You are repeating your memory techniques. You are meeting with peers to quiz each other. You are posing and answering sample questions. You are isolating any remaining areas that need further study. You are meeting with teachers to get help with those last trouble spots.

10. Handling Stress: As the days get closer to exam day, stress and fatigue can grow. Be sure to take good care of yourself in the days leading up to exams.

,- Get enough rest (at least six to eight hours of sleep a night—whatever you normally need)
,- Eat regularly (don’t skip meals in order to study)
,- Eat healthy (don’t overload on junk food or caffeine while you’re studying)
,- Take breaks (exercise, spend some down time with others)
,- Visualize your success (imagine yourself writing a good essay, solving math problems, and feeling successful)
,- Practice relaxation: deep breathing while imagining your “happy place”

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