Science at CWA: Matters of the (Pig) Heart

//Science at CWA: Matters of the (Pig) Heart

Science at CWA: Matters of the (Pig) Heart

By: Kendall Saalfeld ’21

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, sixth graders in Ms. Bright’s science classes participated in a hands-on lesson in matters of the (pig) heart. During this dissection lab, they located arteries, veins, valves, ventricles, and other components of the heart’s anatomy. Below, Kendall Saalfeld ’21 describes her experience.

Not too long ago, I got the chance to dissect a pig heart and lungs. I had lots of fun doing it beside my friends. It was very interesting looking at how everything is all connected and needed for every job, whether it is a part of that system or not. We got to take a look at what the inside of a pig heart looks like, the inside of lungs, the voice box, and the windpipe. It was so interesting getting to explore and learn just from simply looking. We got to feel how rigid and bumpy the windpipe was and see how the blood flows through the heart. It was such a great experience that am very happy I got the chance to have.

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