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Our Approach

We recognize our responsibility to students and families during this uniquely challenging time, so our format will be shifting. School will continue. Our remote learning program isn’t designed to replicate the on-campus experience exactly, but we will maintain our commitment to nurturing and challenging students.

We believe students need structure and routine, as well as engagement and connection. All our students will engage with their teachers four or five days a week – in classes, in small groups, and all remotely.

Much of the work will be done asynchronously – meaning that students work on their own time, such as conducting research, engaging in learning apps, reviewing recorded lectures, or collaborating with peers. The program also includes synchronous work, meaning the teacher and students will work together at the same time. This is a good time to review material, introduce new work, ensure they’re on the same page and build connections. As students get older, the amount of time spent online synchronously increases, with additional supplements for students enrolled in AP courses.

What Parents Are Saying 

You have taken the guess work out for us and managed to maintain the high standard of learning our kids are lucky to have.

Current Parent, Charles Wright Academy

Thank you for the hours of hard work and thoughtful decisions going into providing the high quality student teacher interactions we have always enjoyed at CWA.

Current Parent, Charles Wright Academy

It was all Harrison could talk about. Thanks to all the wonderful faculty!

Current Parent, Charles Wright Academy

The CWA system was so fun. Like the Brady Bunch intro with the kids’ classmates. Well done CWA!

Current Parent, Charles Wright Academy

The smile on her face said it all!

Current Parent, Charles Wright Academy

Having a little bit of the familiar in a kiddo’s day is so important! Thank you for making it happen!

Current Parent, Charles Wright Academy

Home Activities for Your Family

We believe students need structure and routine, as well as engagement and connection — especially as the world around us is uncertain. Whether your child is currently in a temporary remote learning program, or if they are not currently in school due to COVID-19, we want the best for young learners everywhere. We’ve put together a number of activities to keep your child engaged, learning, happy, and healthy while we navigate through the changes ahead.

Remote Learning Activities

Parenting Resources

This is a uniquely challenging time, and we’ve gathered these resources to help our community navigate through uncertainty and ensure the well-being of every student.

This is what remote learning looks like

Even with the changing landscape in schools as a response to COVID-19, Charles Wright has always believed that learning can take place both inside and outside the physical classroom. Virtual clubs, remote track meets throughout the South Sound, and Zoom lunchrooms are just a few examples of how we are maintaining human connection through our remote learning program.

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