Enhance the student experience in alignment with CWA’s commitment to a curriculum infused with and supported by critical thinking, effective communication, an experiential, collaborative, and integrated curriculum, and a deep pedagogical toolbox.

• Initiative #1: In expanding our understanding of what “liberal arts education” should be in the mid-21st century, create multiple paths to a CWA diploma that allow students and faculty to explore more deeply their own talents, passions, and intellectual curiosity in pursuit of achieving excellence and balance in academics, arts, and athletics.

• Initiative #2: Develop consistent opportunities for cultural and global engagement opportunities for all students.

• Initiative #3: Examine ways to develop distinctive place-based/experiential educational opportunities for CWA students.

• Initiative #4: Integrate technology into pedagogy and curriculum in a seamless way.

Maintain CWA’s commitment to developing its exceptional faculty, committed staff, and an engaged and inclusive community of students and families.

• Initiative #1: Encourage and invest in implementing innovative teaching methods in and out of the classroom; building on CWA’s aspiration to be a thought-leader and laboratory for pre-K-12 education.

• Initiative #2: Advance the growth and development of our faculty and staff through the following:

  1. directed and strategic professional development program
  2. building a culture of constant self-reflection, growth, and professionalism that always places the student experience at the center of every decision
  3. instituting an enhanced, meaningful, and regular faculty/staff evaluation process
  4. providing leadership roles and opportunities to model, coach, teach, and inspire colleagues and students

• Initiative #3: Incorporate Social Emotional Learning (SEL) standards into the curriculum school-wide and increase resources and capabilities for Student Support Services.

• Initiative #4: Implement strategies to more fully reach our commitment to caring in our inclusive and diverse community, in order to realize our institutional values of respect and compassion.

Re-visit the campus master plan to fully leverage CWA’s wealth of facilities, land, and beautiful spaces.

• Initiative #1: Develop a program for three-year-olds and examine the potential to create an Early Childhood Learning Center for three- to five-year-olds.

• Initiative #2: Develop strategies to more fully utilize the campus year-round.

• Initiative #3: Explore new opportunities to increase enrollment through ancillary business models, and possible strategic alignment with other schools.

• Initiative #4: Finalize and execute a facilities master plan that considers the investment in space necessary to implement the Strategic Vision for 2030.

• Initiative #5: Explore strategies to increase the environmental sustainability of the campus.

Accelerate community outreach to leverage connections to people and institutions of the South Puget Sound Region to enrich learning experiences for students.

• Initiative #1: Partner with area colleges, businesses, and arts organizations to further strengthen and grow our program and create enriched and engaging learning opportunities for our students and community.

• Initiative #2: Strengthen relationships with nonprofit organizations to support our commitment to service-learning through service and internships.

• Initiative #3: Engage alumni and parents to be actively involved through sharing their diverse experiences, expertise, and access to opportunities.

Build financial stability for the next generations of students.

• Initiative #1: Pursue models of funding that do not rely on constant increases in tuition revenue.

• Initiative #2: Optimize marketing and enrollment management processes with a goal of operating the school at full capacity.

• Initiative #3: Develop marketing and communications strategies to clarify and expand CWA’s brand awareness.