Many children and parents might agree that the upheavals of the middle school years can be challenging. This may well be the point at which a Charles Wright education is most needed and most welcome.

Our Middle School teachers understand the developmental needs of young adolescents, including the need for connections with peers and a separation from family, paired with a strong desire for personal power, a deep longing to be listened to, and heightened self-consciousness and self-absorption.

In response, Charles Wright fosters relationships and bonds between students and teachers that promote friendship and teamwork—because students work harder for people about whom they care and in whom they trust. Teachers strive to earn respect from their students by being kind and firm, generous and truthful, and always available.

We emphasize skill development in preparation for the academic independence that will be absolutely necessary in the Upper School and college. Kids go beyond the facts by learning to inquire, think critically, write analytically, and to make a case and defend it.

Our goal is to develop self-reliant, resilient, and compassionate children who know how to find fulfillment throughout their lives.

Students get more time and attention from their teachers in our small classes with an average of fewer than 15 students per section. Each year, we have a low student-to-teacher ratio of 8-to-1 or better. Charles Wright’s Middle School is a diverse learning community with more than 160 girls and boys from across Pierce, South King, Thurston, and Kitsap Counties, 45 percent of whom are students of color.