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Middle School Art Eighth Grade Clay

It’s hard to believe, but there are schools at which students actually spend more time at their lockers than they do in art classes. Not at Charles Wright.

We believe that arts education is vital in every grade and that the arts give children a critical path for creative self-expression, foster confidence and overall academic performance, open minds, and powerfully enrich the Charles Wright experience. During their Middle School years, Charles Wright students explore a variety of forms of expression through both visual and performing arts.

What is exceptional about our program is that every student has the opportunity to take full-year courses in both performing and visual arts every year.

Performing Arts

For performing arts, sixth graders choose between beginning band and choir, while seventh and eighth graders can join concert band or participate in a trimester each of drama, choir, and a performance production.

Visual Arts

In their visual arts class, sixth graders explore many techniques, gaining experience in many two-dimensional art media. The seventh grade course features three-dimensional constructive art. The eighth grade course explores a variety of media including clay, painting, drawing, architecture, and digital photography.


While Charles Wright students from all divisions will have the opportunity to learn in the school’s new Innovation Lab, all seventh graders will participate in a year-long Innovations course introducing them to design thinking and maker education.

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