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Challenges & Support for Every Student

Charles Wright’s Middle School fosters relationships and bonds between student and teachers that promote friendship and teamwork. Teachers earn respect from their students by being kind and firm, generous and truthful, and always available. In turn, students actively participate in their journey of becoming lifelong learners. We emphasize skill development in preparation for the academic independence that will be expected in the Upper School and college. Our Middle School students learn to inquire, think critically, write analytically, and make a case and defend it. Our goal is to develop self-reliant, resilient, and compassionate children who know how to find fulfillment throughout their lives.

“Charles Wright has taught me how to use my time wisely, especially when it is limited, and how to prioritize. The teachers are supportive if you have activities at school or outside, such as sports or concerts. If you communicate with your teachers beforehand, they will work with you so that you don’t feel overwhelmed by work.”
Andrew '15

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