Head of School Matt Culberson Intends to Conclude Tenure

May 14, 2019

To the Charles Wright Academy Community:

It is with no small measure of sadness I share my intention to conclude my tenure at Charles Wright Academy in June of 2020. The opportunity to help lead and shape a vision of the future of our school, built on its existing excellence was the challenge that originally drew me here in 2016. During the past three years, we’ve “turned over stones” as we imagined CWA as a mid-21st century learning community. We’ve worked to broaden and strengthen the academic program, build and sustain healthy relationships that foster an environment of compassion and trust, and create a workplace culture that challenges and supports our faculty and staff to do and be their best, all in service of raising and teaching children well. This transitional work is important for CWA as it encourages us to turn our vision from inward satisfaction to outward examination in pursuit of excellence and sustainability. We’ve been successful in many areas but still have more work to do. I appreciate the opportunity to initiate these efforts as we look toward the future, and I look forward to working with our students, faculty, and families as we identify a new leader to continue to advance the next phase of this work.

It has been a privilege to work with committed trustees and the dedicated professionals on the faculty and staff at CWA. They care deeply about our students and work hard every day to deliver exceptional care and experience to every child. Together, our intent is always to foster a learning community that is relevant, joyful, and engaging, as we help our students and community become their best selves. I believe our upper school is the best high school experience south of Seattle, that our lower school is filled everyday with joyful learning and strong relationships, and as identified by South Sound Magazine, that our middle school is the best in class in the South Sound. I believe the CWA preschool to grade 12 experience is exceptional in the breadth, balance, and richness of learning opportunity that it provides each day and each year to every student.

I also appreciate the warmth and generosity of the CWA families who welcomed Charlotte and me in the summer of 2016, and I am thankful for their committed partnership with the school in their children’s educational journey. I look forward to the coming year and the good work we still have to do together, as we see new programs gain traction and our new academic leadership implement our vision for the future of school. I am confident CWA will continue to grow and thrive from our position as the best educational program and community of the South Sound.


Matt Culberson, Head of School

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