Matt Culberson on Leading and Teaching with Compassion

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Matt Culberson on Leading and Teaching with Compassion

As we approach the home stretch of Matt Culberson’s first year as our Head of School, it should come as no surprise to the community that Matt is passionate about the challenging and rewarding work of educating children. Be it expanding course offerings, encouraging equity and inclusion, or supporting professional development, Matt has spent much of this year inviting us as faculty, staff, parents, guardians, and alumni—as a community—to turn over rocks and gain new perspectives with the aim of even further strengthening and enriching our program.

Matt is equally keen on the value of instilling in both children and adults a lifelong love of learning. The classroom extends far beyond any four walls on our campus; the great outdoors and even a passerby on the street can deliver lessons just as powerfully and poignantly as those we learn in class. Nor does learning end once a diploma is in hand. In this new video, Matt shares three watershed moments from his life that have impacted him as a person, a learner, and an educator. “I do think that the best teachers are those who bring themselves into the classroom, who share with their students who they are by how they engage with them,” Matt says. “I think Charles Wright is full of those kinds of teachers.”

We hope this video not only sheds new light on our Head of School, but also offers an even deeper understanding of the direction in which Matt is leading us. As Matt stated in his State of the School letter last month, “This is all driven by a desire to invite you to participate in our work of serving students well—and our intention to serve them even better. The faculty, staff, and I are committed in our pursuit of becoming an even more extraordinary school community.”

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