Because students enter school at very different stages of development, Charles Wright’s teachers make every effort to accommodate their levels of physical, emotional, and cognitive maturity.

Every child has a personal development clock, and we provide multilevel educational experiences designed to challenge, without frustrating, each child. Our teachers provide nurturing, patience, and encouragement. Our students develop academic skills by listening, observing, and doing.

Junior Kindergarten

The junior kindergarten classroom is nurturing, supportive, and playful. The curriculum is rich in language arts and math. There are many opportunities to explore, discover, create, pretend, sing, and play.

Junior kindergartners attend weekly art classes, library, and science labs. They study music, Spanish, and fitness twice a week. Every day they have recess, snack time, and rest time.


We have two kindergarten classrooms, both with a mix of students who are new to Charles Wright and those who completed junior kindergarten. Their teachers focus on both intellectual and social development.

Reading, writing, and speaking skills are developed through the use of both a whole language approach and phonics. Students are then introduced to the Zaner-Bloser handwriting system. They draw and write in journals regularly, using inventive spelling. Parallel to this, students begin learning spelling patterns. Story time and quiet time for choosing books encourage students to explore literature. Teachers use the Everyday Math program blended with Math Their Way. They also use manipulatives, play games, and do problem-solving exercises.

Kindergartners have weekly time with subject specialists, including science, art, library, music, Spanish, and fitness. Every day they have two recess breaks and snack time.