Two illustrated hands ({one green, one blue) holding, forming a heart, with the text ALL IN: the CWA Annual Fund next to the image.

When you go ALL IN for the Annual Fund, you provide critical resources and help make an exceptional Charles Wright experience possible. 

Annual fund gifts support funding for CWA on all levels, including technology and instructional materials, providing faculty with the best resources available, bolstering financial assistance, and helping maintain access to a CWA education for many students. 

A gift to the Annual Fund is one of the most impactful and needed contributions to CWA you can make. It ensures CWA’s highest priority needs get funded–whether that means supporting our incredible faculty and staff so they can do their best work for our students and programs, creating opportunities for students to experience excellent hands-on learning and active, joyful learning school-wide, or investing in evolving safety planning and protocols to keep our community safe. Because of your generosity, CWA is able to be responsive and flexible and can continue to put joyful learning at the center.

Donations to the Annual Fund directly impact everyone at Charles Wright. Your donations help cover the costs of all aspects of CWA’s educational programs, faculty compensation, computer and technology needs, financial aid, athletic equipment, music and art supplies, cultural opportunities, outdoor education gear, and so much more. By giving to the Annual Fund, you help ensure our school has all the necessary resources to provide each child with a challenging and rewarding educational experience.

A meaningful gift of any size to the Annual Fund makes a big difference. When we go ALL IN for CWA together, our contributions are combined and can fund projects and programs many of us could never afford to fund on our own. We can all individually make meaningful gifts at whatever amount we are able. Through the power of community giving, we invest in new areas to play and learn, professional development opportunities for faculty and staff, and technology from which all our children benefit. Together, we invest in our students’ future today.

Go ALL IN for CWA and make your tax-deductible gift TODAY.