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Jon Flies

5th Grade Teacher

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At Charles Wright Academy Since 2007

Eastern Washington University, MAT
University of Montana, BS

Right. Left.

Right. Left. The wind whistles in your ears. The track zips beneath your feet with each stride. Right. Left. Your heart is pounding, your breath is ragged but steady. Right. Left. You glance right then left. The competition is right there, to your left. The last hurdle appears ahead. The crowd roars. Right. Left. Launch. Lean. Float. Snap. Smack! Your trail leg strokes the hurdle. Land. Right. Wobbly left. Your energy drains. The competition gains. Push. Finish line. Lean. You did it! Now there is nothing left, right?

Jon Flies teaches fifth grade language arts. “I truly believe in the educational experience here at Charles Wright for two reasons. First, students are exposed to diverse thinking and are allowed to practice their new found knowledge in an open, learning environment. Second, the faculty and staff here are the best in the region,” says Flies. “We chose CWA for my daughters to attend long before I became a teacher here.”

Flies graduated with a master’s in education from Eastern Washington University and a bachelor’s from the University of Montana. “I always wanted to be a teacher, but new teachers in Montana usually start their careers in a small, rural town out in the middle of nowhere. I followed another path and owned my own business for more than 12 years. I started volunteering in my daughters’ science classes and later volunteered to coach hurdles here at Charles Wright. That is when I got the bug. I loved working with kids, parents and the whole CWA community. I found someone to take over my business, and I followed my original desire to go into education.”

Jon spends his leisure time reading, running, working on a variety of household projects, and travelling. He still coaches hurdles.

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