Charles Wright’s Lower School music and visual arts programs are exceptional. They learn to use their art eyes in Miz Candy’s studio and to feel the rhythm in Ms. Herrington’s music room. First through third graders attend visual arts class once a week and music twice a week. Fourth and fifth graders add another choir class.

For Lower School students, art is very much about process, not product. Students explore working with different art materials and enjoy identifying patterns. Miz Candy (as she is affectionately known by all in the Charles Wright community) teaches that art is a way of seeing, and that artists see things differently from other people because they know how to use what she calls their art eyes. Art is about noticing how things look with both your normal vision and your artistic vision. When you use your art eyes, you see what could be, and the possibilities are endless! Xtra Art is also offered after school as an enrichment program.

Music classes are filled with song, dance, and laughter. Children develop basic music skills through singing and playing instruments. They are introduced to the skill of reading and writing music. The Lower School concerts are some of the most popular events of the school year. Beginning in fifth grade and continuing through the Upper School, private piano lessons are offered on campus during or after the school day as an enrichment program.