Challenge and Support for Every Student

In the first through fifth grades, we focus on developing strong academic skills through a challenging yet supportive curriculum that adapts to the needs of each child. Charles Wright students thrive in an inquiry-based learning environment where creativity is valued and they collaborate as members of an inclusive and respectful community.


Arithmetic is taught with Everyday Mathematics, complemented by the use of manipulatives, games, and strategy exercises. We emphasize both speed and accuracy as we teach basic math skills, but most importantly we guide students to see beyond computation to build logic and problem-solving skills.

Reading, Writing, and History

From creative writing to research reports, Charles Wright emphasizes spelling, vocabulary, and grammar. Students practice handwriting and typing their work. They are exposed to a wide breadth of literature, and independent reading is expected. They are also taught to read expressively out loud. 

Science and Research

Information integration and analysis are emphasized in both the humanities and the sciences. Students learn where to find information, how to evaluate it, and how to use it effectively in reports, projects, and presentations. 

Students have instruction with subject specialists multiple times per week:

  • Spanish

  • Music

  • Fitness

  • Library

  • Visual Art

  • Science Lab

  • Technology