Every student is known for who they are and provided with nurture and challenge to grow.

In Kindergarten through Fourth Grade, we focus on ensuring that your child is known and honored as an individual and as part of an intentional community. We believe in developing strong academic skills through generous nurture, necessary support, and appropriate challenge in our curriculum so that we may adapt to the needs of each child. Charles Wright students thrive in an inquiry-based and experiential learning environment where creativity is valued and encouraged and they can collaborate fully as authentic members of an inclusive and respectful learning community.


The Lower School mathematics program builds a solid understanding of interconnected concepts, procedural skills and fluency, and the ability to apply concepts both inside and outside the classroom. Students are guided to see beyond computation to build logic and problem solving skills.


Literacy at Charles Wright Academy begins with a strong foundation of phonics and fosters lifelong, confident readers and writers. Readers and Writers Workshop provides an approach to learning that is responsive to individual students and accelerates achievement for all learners.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)

Innovation, critical thinking, and creativity are fostered during STEM classes in the innovation lab. Students’ curiosity identifies learning targets which drive exploration and design projects. Additionally, information integration and analysis are integrated into library classes and project based learning. Students learn where to find information, how to evaluate it, and how to use it effectively in reports, projects, and presentations.


Students learn about the history of our country, the world, and how that informs and shapes the culture and global perspectives of the world we live in today. With an emphasis on culture and community, students discover the ways in which human have developed the world around us. Arms with these studies and more, they ask and seek answers to deep questions about the future of our region, our country, and our world. These questions and studies help students to not only navigate their own future with confidence, but give them the tools to shape and lead the future for others.

Students have instruction with subject specialists multiple times per week:

  • Spanish Culture

  • Music

  • Physical Education¬†

  • Library and Media

  • Visual Art

  • STEM

  • Theater