Cultural Exchange with Visitors from Mukogawa School

//Cultural Exchange with Visitors from Mukogawa School

Cultural Exchange with Visitors from Mukogawa School

By: Stephanie Glenn ’86

Charles Wright Academy has had a partnership with Mukogawa School in Japan for three decades. For the past month, three Mukogawa students have been visiting the CWA Upper School to experience student life as a Tarrier in the Pacific Northwest. Below are photos and anecdotes from World Languages department chair and Japanese teacher Stephanie Glenn ’86.

Our three Japanese exchange students from Mukogawa School, Hina, Nao, and Riko, have been here for almost four weeks. They have enjoyed many Pacific Northwest favorites such as Seattle, Chambers Bay, the Tacoma Mall, and, of course, Starbucks.

They attended a CWA dance; watched CWA tennis, soccer, and track competitions; and visited many Upper School classes. They also shared their Japanese language and culture with our CWA students who are studying Japanese. They taught our students how to make origami and hosted a heated origami frog-jumping race.

They taught the art of shodo, calligraphy (top photo). They also taught our students how to make okonomiyak and teriyaki chicken.

Thanks to their host families, the Walshes, the Schornos, and the Fishers.

For a final farewell, they will host a tea ceremony during their last day here for each class. It is with a heartfelt arigato we say not sayonara (“goodbye”) but mata ne, “We hope to see you again.”

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