CWA safely reopened for
daily Preschool – Grade 12
in-person learning in the
fall of 2020.

During the 2021-22 school year we have continued to provide daily on-campus instruction that is safe for every student and every member of our community.



Here are the steps we’ve taken to ensure the safety of our students, faculty, and staff:

  • Our campus is currently closed to the public in order to limit exposure. Only Charles Wright employees, students, and approved visitors are permitted to enter campus buildings.

  • Students and adults, regardless of vaccination status, are required to wear a well-fitting 2 or 3-ply face covering while on campus.

  • We conduct mandatory health-screening assessments for everyone who enters campus.

  • Students and employees maintain physical distancing on campus, in classrooms, and during outdoor time.

  • Enhanced protocols for cleaning and disinfecting are in place, using COVID-19-approved products in learning spaces.

  • Individuals who do not meet the criteria in the health assessment checklist are not permitted on campus and advised to stay home, where they may participate in remote learning.

  • We reduced occupancy of classrooms by measuring spaces in order to meet compliance with physical distancing requirements.

  • We increased Wi-Fi mapping to better use the entire campus for physical distancing.

  • We upgraded existing outdoor spaces on CWA’s 107-acre campus for increased daily classroom use.

  • We refined scheduling models in every grade to create staggered schedules and cohort-restricted groupings to minimize nonessential interactions and maximize academic opportunities in case of a transition between remote and in-person learning.

  • Faculty are engaged in professional training to ensure they continue with best practices for teaching in any of the planned models and scenarios.

  • We implemented a 1:1 technology program that provides all students with access to their own device for learning (iPads in early childhood and Chromebooks or laptops for older students).

  • An assembled response team meets frequently to discuss long-range implications and to make decisions regarding student status, absences, quarantines, and protocols.

  • We have strengthened and leveraged our social and emotional learning curriculum to support students and families as they cope with this new context.

  • We committed to creating intentional relationship-building opportunities with office hours, 1:1 student-faculty and family check-ins, spaces for clubs and affinity groups, and student organizations.

  • Senior leadership continuously examines our plans to determine needed changes in protocols, quarantines, supervision, next steps, and to create transparent communication with employees and families.


Virtual Town Hall

Next Town Hall

Thursday, January 27
5:30 p.m.


A task force comprised of experienced faculty, staff, and administration meets regularly to make operational decisions with advice from specialized experts in a variety of disciplines. We consult with experts in technology, health and wellness, law, and communications to complement our efforts.


Last updated January 12, 2022


All students and adults are required to wear masks while indoors, regardless of vaccination status. Students and staff may remove masks for food consumption while indoors but must increase their physical distancing from 3 feet to 6 feet while unmasked. When students and staff are outdoors, mask wearing is optional.

In the past, we have required cloth masks only. This year, we will also allow disposable masks, but we ask that they be two or three-ply (no single-ply disposable masks) and have no valves. N95 masks are not permitted as they require special fitting that the school cannot administer. We recommend disposable masks that are KN95 or surgical quality and reserve the right to check the quality of any disposable masks and to require a different kind of mask if they do not meet the criteria. Students may still wear cloth masks, so long as they are tight fitting, cover the nose and mouth, and are of a suitable fabric.


Per the new CDC guidance, we are employing 3 feet of distance indoors when students are stationary and masked. We will encourage students and faculty to be outside whenever possible.


We provide handwashing stations for students indoors and outdoors, and hand sanitizer will be offered to all students on a regular basis in all classrooms. We will be adjusting our practices regarding shared materials and spaces to align with current guidance and more information will be forthcoming soon.

Travel and Quarantine

We will follow the CDC recommendations for travel and quarantine. If you are unvaccinated, we require a 5-day quarantine following travel, and proof of a negative COVID test at least 3 days after travel, in order to return to campus. Without a test, the quarantine period is 10 days.

If you are a fully-vaccinated individual, we require proof of vaccination to be kept on file to avoid imposed quarantines following travel or instances of a direct exposure. Proof of a negative COVID test after travel is required in order to return to campus. You should always monitor for symptoms, and stay home if you are experiencing illness, even if fully vaccinated. 

Free testing on-site at CWA is available through our optional testing program (enroll using consent forms in Magnus Health).

Morning Check-ins and Health Questions

We are no longer conducting health screenings of students each morning, but we are requiring that families implement home-based symptoms screenings that we will verify verbally upon drop-off. Personnel will meet families in the car lane and ask if the health screening has been completed. Families should remain in their cars for drop-off and pick-up unless otherwise notified.

Proof of Vaccination

Employees are required, as a condition of employment, to share proof of vaccination with Human Resources. Vendors and volunteers also must show proof of vaccination prior to arrival on campus. 

Proof of vaccination should be shared with Human Resources at

Students who are eligible and have opted to receive the vaccine should provide proof of vaccination by uploading documents to their Magnus immunization record in order to avoid quarantines and other limitations in activities. We are not requiring vaccines for students at this time, but strongly encourage you to consider it. We may see a vaccine mandate for students in the coming year. Please be advised, that if it is a requirement from the State, we will be required to enforce it.


We require testing for anyone experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 for more than a 24-hour period that cannot be otherwise explained by an alternative diagnosis (known allergies, for example). We also require testing following a direct exposure regardless of vaccination status or in instances of travel as a condition to return to our campus. Please note that all testing outcomes are to be taken seriously and reported. Failure to report testing outcomes, conceal testing or testing outcomes, or false reporting of outcomes may result in severe consequences up to and including expulsion from school or termination of employment. We take each incident on a case-by-case basis to understand context and consult guidance, but this is a crucial mitigation strategy and we require transparency, truth, and compliance. 

We will require regular testing in order for students and employees to participate in some activities and programs this year. Students and employees who refuse to take a COVID-19 test, or who receive a positive test result, will not be able to participate in these activities. You will be notified if this is a requirement of your student’s activities. Testing at no cost is available at CWA for students who experience direct contact or symptoms on campus (enroll using consent forms in Magnus).

At-home tests are not accepted as proof of negative COVID-19 status.