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Sheila Clemans, Charles Wright Academy, award

Sheila Clemans

Director of Food Services

Office | 253.620.8401

At Charles Wright Academy Since 2001

Sheila Clemans is Charles Wright Academy’s chef and head of food services. She is the recipient of the 2016 Chris Steele Award for Outstanding Staff Member, and it’s easy to see why. There isn’t one person on this campus who hasn’t benefitted from Sheila’s talents and generosity. Even visitors to our campus have experienced her creativity, passion, and caring. The lure of her meals has often been a selling point in many job interviews, and we weren’t undersold—our school lunches are truly legendary! But it’s her tireless commitment to everything CWA that stands out the most. From our Charlie’s Picnic feast to our bountiful Founders’ Day breakfast to our holiday gala dinner, she nurtures us body and soul, always going above and beyond our expectations. Coworkers have used the phrases “commitment to excellence,” “awe-inspiring work ethic,” “tireless energy,” “flexibility,” “patience,” “unselfishness,” “warmth,” “kindness,” and “dedication” when describing her. With each and every meeting, event, and party in between, her care for us is abundant. She takes pride in serving us beautiful, delicious food and does so with such quiet humility. We are constantly wowed with not only the quality of her food, but also with the superb presentation. And it’s at these moments when her heart shows.

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