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Jim Dale

Caretaker and Maintenance Staff


At Charles Wright Academy Since 2013

Jim Dale is a highly valued member of the CWA maintenance staff who is respected for his knowledge and his flexibility, seamlessly and willingly working on both facilities and grounds teams to keep our campus safe and beautiful. He is especially appreciated for doing so with “grace, humility, and humor,” says a colleague. His efficiency and forethought allow him to make sure “things run smoothly, turn on when expected, get set up on time, and disappear when no longer needed. His work is of high quality, and the pride that he shows in working for the Charles Wright community is contagious.”

Also known as one of the kindest and most genial people on campus, Jim “always has a smile on his face, and he is always willing to help,” says another coworker. “He brings joy into every office he walks into with his warm smile and genuine hello.” When this person responds to a colleague’s request for help with a solution and a smile, it’s no wonder that the entire CWA community treasures having him on our team.

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