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Daniel Wicklund

Upper School Science Teacher

Office | 253.620.8390
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At Charles Wright Academy Since 2007
On leave for the 2017-2018 academic year

University of Colorado, BS
University of Washington, MS

Daniel Wicklund teaches science in the Upper School. “Science is beautiful, and that’s what I want to communicate,” says Wicklund. “There is something sublime and elegant about the way the universe works, and sometimes we just have to stand back and look at it with awe and wonder.”

One of Wicklund’s favorite projects is the design and construction of the electrical wiring for a “room” of their choosing. “We’ve studied electricity in wires. We’ve studied magnetism and we’ve looked at how electricity is generated and shipped around. Now we finally get to say, ‘All right, here are some 3-wire from Home Depot and some electrical boxes, switches and outlets. Here’s how you could wire a room in a house.'” The students love the project, and learn not only about the mechanics of wiring, but about testing electrical systems and about safety involving electrical systems. “I also love that we can talk for the first time about the power grid in a holistic kind of way,” Wicklund adds. “How it’s generated, how it’s transported, how it goes into your house and then through your toaster.”

In addition to teaching, Wicklund helps lead the community service program.

One of his favorite moments at Charles Wright came in his first chemistry class of the morning. “A student came in just as class was starting,” he recalls. “He walked straight up to the front of the room with his untied necktie in hand. We started class a minute late while I helped him tie his tie.” On another occasion, Wicklund received a call from a student around 8pm on a Wednesday night: “Mr. Wicklund, sorry to call you at home, but it’s an emergency. I was wondering if you could bring in some Swiss yodeling music tomorrow?”

Wicklund enjoys traveling, particularly to Europe. He speaks some Czech, which he describes as his most interesting and generally useless skill. He lived and taught in Prague for a year and a half. He also enjoys the great outdoors, cooking, and reading.

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