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At Charles Wright, you can expect more time and attention in small classes, more challenges and support, more trust and respect between teachers and students, and more prep for college and life. Our teachers are exceptionally qualified and highly trained, both in the subjects they teach and in the art of instruction.

They choose to teach here precisely because they are the sort of mentors and guides who aren’t content to simply stand in front of a class and lay down the law. They want the opportunity to know their students inside and out, the flexibility to be innovative with their teaching, and the responsibility for the success of their students’ education.

In our classes you’ll hear as much laughter as lecturing. You’ll see that college prep means building skills and confidence, not just knowledge. We believe this is the most supportive, least pretentious, and most joyous academic environment anywhere.

Dr. David Adams
Dr. David AdamsUpper School History Teacher, History Department Co-Chair
Jim Albers
Jim AlbersMiddle School History and Math Teacher
Candy Anderson
Candy AndersonLower School Visual Art Specialist
Deborah Baldwin
Deborah BaldwinLower School Librarian
Christina Bertucchi
Christina BertucchiUpper School Art Teacher, Visual Arts Department Co-Chair
Andrew Bewick
Andrew BewickExtended Day Program Assistant
David Bishop
David Bishop12th Grade Dean
Nick Bivins
Nick BivinsUpper School Art Teacher, 11th Grade Dean
Corianne Blackman
Corianne BlackmanMiddle and Upper School Spanish
Noel Blyler
Noel BlylerAssociate Director of College Counseling
Katie Bowlden
Katie BowldenKindergarten Assistant Teacher
Brian Burdick
Brian BurdickPhysical Education and Athletics
Karen Burdick
Karen BurdickKindergarten Teacher
Carrie Cherek
Carrie Cherek4th Grade Teacher
Bill Chissoe
Bill ChissoeUpper School Computer Science and Civics Teacher
Jeremy Clark
Jeremy Clark5th Grade Teacher
Mary Cole
Mary ColeLower School Learning Specialist
Sinead Coleman
Sinead ColemanUpper School Learning Specialist
Dr. Tom Cramer
Dr. Tom CramerUpper School History Teacher
Patti Crouch-Cook
Patti Crouch-CookUpper School English Teacher, English Department Chair
Stephani Crozier
Stephani Crozier1st Grade Teacher
Yuliya David
Yuliya DavidMiddle School After School Care Lead
Gina Dean
Gina DeanMiddle and Upper School Counselor
Teri Dederer
Teri DedererMiddle School English Teacher
Erin Dees
Erin DeesMiddle School Math Teacher
Suzy Ebalo
Suzy EbaloKindergarten Teacher
Lynn Ellis
Lynn EllisUpper School Math Teacher and Math Department Chair
Jamie Evans
Jamie EvansUpper School English Teacher
Susanne Everill
Susanne EverillMiddle School Librarian
Nikki FastLee
Nikki FastLeeMiddle and Upper School History and English Teacher
Dr. Dana Flaskerud
Dr. Dana FlaskerudUpper School Spanish Teacher, World Languages Department Co-Chair
Jon Flies
Jon FliesPhysical Education and Athletics
Andrew Forbes
Andrew ForbesInstrumental Music Teacher
John Forier
John ForierMiddle and Upper School Drama Teacher
Andrew Frostholm
Andrew FrostholmLower School Science Teacher
Carmen Frostholm
Carmen FrostholmPreschool Lead Teacher
Francesca Gallozzi
Francesca GallozziLower School Assistant Director, Early Childhood Education Director
Sharol Gauthier
Sharol GauthierUpper School English Teacher
Diana Gerla
Diana GerlaLower School Counselor
Kara Gjesdal
Kara GjesdalJunior Kindergarten Assistant Teacher
Stephanie Glenn
Stephanie GlennUpper School Japanese Teacher
Wendy Goldfein
Wendy GoldfeinFirst and Second Grade Technology Teacher
Alia Greenbaum
Alia GreenbaumMiddle School and Upper School Japanese Teacher
Catherine Grider
Catherine GriderJunior Kindergarten Teacher
Samantha Harris
Samantha HarrisLibraries Director and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Coordinator
Maren Hassenger
Maren HassengerMiddle School French Teacher and Middle School SEL Coordinator
Mark Hayes
Mark HayesUpper School English Teacher, Sustainability Coordinator
Pam Hayes
Pam HayesUpper School Registrar and Administrative Assistant
Kevin Hong
Kevin Hong2nd Grade Teacher
Christopher Hoppin
Christopher HoppinMiddle School Visual Arts Teacher, Visual Arts Department Co-Chair
Heidi Huckins
Heidi HuckinsMiddle and Upper School Instrumental Music Teacher, 9th Grade Dean
Tom Hughes
Tom HughesMiddle School Art Teacher
Audrey Hunter-Sims
Audrey Hunter-SimsMiddle School Science Teacher
Nelly Irwin
Nelly Irwin4th and 5th Grade Assistant Teacher, Lower School Extended Day Program Lead
Katie Johnson
Katie Johnson1st Grade Assistant Teacher
Ryan Johnson
Ryan JohnsonUpper School Science Teacher
Emily Johnston
Emily JohnstonLower School Extended Day Program Assistant
Christine Jones
Christine JonesUpper School Science Teacher
Richard Kalustian
Richard KalustianMiddle School Math Teacher
David Kangas
David KangasUpper School Science Teacher
Jennifer Kolbo
Jennifer Kolbo1st Grade Teacher
Jon Lamoreux
Jon LamoreuxUpper School Physics Teacher, Science Department Co-Chair
Debra Leach
Debra LeachMiddle and Upper School Choirs Accompanist, Piano Teacher
Gil LeFrancois
Gil LeFrancoisUpper School Math Teacher
Katie Lehman
Katie LehmanLower School Music Specialist
Walter Manny
Walter MannyMiddle School Science Teacher
Mandy Marcellis
Mandy MarcellisLower School Administrative Assistant and Registrar
Kristina Maryan
Kristina MaryanKindergarten Assistant Teacher
Allie McDermott
Allie McDermott4th Grade Teacher
Riley Meinershagen
Riley MeinershagenMiddle School Science Teacher, Science Department Co-Chair
Treasea Miller
Treasea MillerMiddle School Administrative Assistant and Registrar
Katie Miller
Katie MillerUpper School Math Teacher, 10th Grade Dean
David Parker
David ParkerPhysical Education and Athletics
Amy Penn
Amy Penn2nd Grade Teacher
Jenise Petrich
Jenise PetrichMiddle School History Teacher
Leon Phillips
Leon PhillipsUpper School Math Teacher
Jim Riede
Jim RiedeInterim Lower School Chaplain
Rachel Rippl
Rachel RipplMiddle School Assistant Director
Joe Romano
Joe RomanoInnovation and Design Labs Director
Kate Rue
Kate RuePhysical Education and Athletics, Upper School Yearbook Teacher
Katie Ryan
Katie RyanDirector of College Counseling
Laurel Sandbeck
Laurel SandbeckLower School Extended Day Program Assistant
Laryssa Schmidt
Laryssa SchmidtUpper School History Teacher, History Department Co-Chair
Betty Schultz
Betty SchultzUpper School Receptionist
Rob Scotlan
Rob ScotlanMiddle School English Teacher, Middle School Athletics Coordinator, Middle School Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Coordinator
Annie Senner
Annie SennerUpper School Spanish Teacher, Upper School Dean of Students
Jacqueline SIlberman
Jacqueline SIlbermanUpper School French Teacher
Joe Sparano
Joe SparanoLower and Middle School Technology Integration Specialist
Susan Sparrow
Susan SparrowMiddle and Upper School History Teacher, 8th Grade Team Leader
Alicia Stephens
Alicia StephensAthletic Trainer
Emily Stokes Broyles
Emily Stokes BroylesExperiential and Place-Based Learning Director, Upper School Spanish Teacher and World Language Dept. Co-Chair
Horacio Torres
Horacio TorresLower School Spanish Teacher
Deanne Trummert
Deanne Trummert3rd Grade Teacher
Dylan Twiner
Dylan Twiner3rd Grade Assistant Teacher
Ann Vogel
Ann VogelDirector of International Student Programs
Rafe Wadleigh
Rafe WadleighMiddle and Upper School Choral Director, Performing Arts Department Chair
Carie Ward
Carie Ward5th Grade Teacher
Laurel Webster
Laurel WebsterUpper School Assistant Director, Upper School Math Teacher
Matt Weiner
Matt Weiner3rd Grade Teacher
Ryan Weisberg
Ryan WeisbergPreschool Assistant Teacher
Lisa West
Lisa WestMiddle School Learning Specialist
Dan Wicklund
Dan WicklundUpper School Science and English Teacher, Community Service Lead
Brandon Wilhelm
Brandon WilhelmPiano Teacher
Judy Williams
Judy WilliamsMiddle School Spanish Teacher, 7th Grade Team Leader
Vanessa Wolf
Vanessa WolfLower School Extended Day Program Assistant
Ben Woolley
Ben WoolleyUpper School Math Teacher
Nick Zosel-Johnson
Nick Zosel-JohnsonLower School Director