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Founded under the auspices of the Episcopal Church, Charles Wright Academy has always striven to educate the whole child. Charles Wright welcomes diversity in religious and spiritual beliefs by accepting students of any faith or none and respects that each person’s spiritual journey is unique and is shaped by many forces. The school inspires students’ spiritual growth by exposing them to diverse sources of wisdom from the world’s great religious traditions. Led by the chaplain, Charles Wright seeks to deepen students’ understanding of world faiths and to celebrate common values of faith, respect, compassion and courage. Charles Wright promotes a strong commitment of service to the community. We encourage students to believe they can make a difference as responsible global citizens. – CWA spirituality statement adopted by the Board of Trustees, May 2007

CWA’s chaplain helps students explore their spiritual and ethical development through scholarship, service and reflection.

Students attend weekly grade-level chapel gatherings in the Lower School, which provides a context for multi-sensory exploration of interfaith and cross-cultural values as well as ethical discovery.

In the Middle School, students participate in monthly Chapel programs centering on a wide range of ethical and spiritual topics.

In the Upper School, the chaplain is present as a counselor and co-directs service-learning initiatives.

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