2018 Athletics at a Glance

League and District Championships Girls tennis League and District Champions Zoe Rose (9th grade) League & District Champion, 3rd place state tournament Baseball League Champions Billy Chissoe (Nisqually Offensive MVP)  & TAC Boys Soccer Athlete of the Year Jahan Bains (9th grade) League and district Champion, 2nd place state Coach of the Year Colin [...]

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Tarriers at Play

By Carie Ward Because learning is most engaging when students experience it in the real world, the fifth graders took advantage of applications to issues in their lives during a study of research-based argument essay writing. During the fall, fifth graders examined Initiative 1634, the “Sugar Tax” to learn to investigate and understand an [...]

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Hands-on Learning at its Finest

by Joanna Manning The Lower School Makery might seem, to the casual observer, to be little more than a closet filled with trinkets. There are scraps of wood and PVC pipe arranged neatly on the shelves; guts of various electronics are laid out on the floor. Odds and ends that might normally be thrown [...]

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Tarriers Score at the Top in National Vocabulary Competition

Tarriers Score at the Top in National Vocabulary Competition Two students representing Charles Wright Academy recently received a perfect score in the first of three meets in this year’s WordMasters Challenge™—a national vocabulary competition involving nearly 150,000 students annually. Competing in the difficult Blue Division of the WordMasters Challenge™, fourth grader Kyle Peterson and [...]

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Upper Schoolers Prepare for Winterim 2019

Upper Schoolers at Charles Wright Academy spend a week participating in the annual experiential education tradition known as Winterim. Hundreds of students chose one of 27 course offerings ranging from local service learning opportunities to outdoor education hikes to international travel and cultural exchange programs. The goal [...]

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Simple Science To Spark Curiosity

by Wendy Goldfein, Lower School Science Teacher Want to encourage curiosity, experimentation, and exploration with your child? Introduce some simple science investigations with materials you already have on hand to help your children develop questions, problem solve, and find answers! Making Butter A little bit of cream and a whole lot of shaking [...]

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Q&A with Maria Gonzalez ’19

Maria Gonzalez is a senior who has attended Charles Wright Academy since Kindergarten. Throughout her time at Charles Wright, she developed friendships and was inspired by her teachers to help others to affect social change. In the past year, Gonzalez voiced her beliefs at the United Nations. Q: What piece of advice do you [...]

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What is Experiential Education at Charles Wright?

By Greg Bamford, Associate Head of School Experiential education is a longstanding part of a Charles Wright education. For some people, it conjures images of the outdoors - perhaps the 3rd graders studying watershed at Mount Rainier, 8th graders on the Beach Hike, or 10th graders kayaking during Experiential Education Week. And, yes - [...]

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What Does Learning Look Like in the Mid-21st Century?

by Greg Bamford, Associate Head of School At Charles Wright, we’re always working on getting better. At the same time, we’re trying to make sure certain things don’t change. That’s the paradox of innovation. As the Associate Head of School for Strategy and Innovation, my role is to help the school navigate the creative [...]

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CWA Athletic Recap through 10/12

Upper School Volleyball The Varsity volleyball team won 2 league matches last week against Annie Wright and Bellevue Christian with both matches being 3-0. The Bellevue Christian win was huge as they traveled up to Bellevue to defeat the second place Vikings by a lopsided margin. CWA is 9-0 overall and has only played [...]

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