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One Year Later: A Sea of Learning

Earth has almost completed a full circuit around the sun since I began my Charles Wright journey on July 1, 2016. As I lean back, close my eyes and review the year in my mind’s eye, images of joy and fun and challenge, of laughter and tears and skinned knees, and of focus and intensity [...]

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Building Capacity: Master Teachers, Class Size, and Student Success

Most independent schools, including Charles Wright Academy, have long touted small class size and student-teacher ratio as strength for delivering higher student achievement. And there is an intuitive logic to that—fewer students in a class, and the teacher should be able to better deliver what each child needs to be successful. What is often missing [...]

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Matt Culberson on the State of the School

Girls and boys varsity basketball games are being played at the same time in the Wight Gym and the Tarrier Dome. Halftime programs feature the Lower School jump-rope team and the tae kwon do students. Middle School students play a game of Ultimate outside and are memorizing Shakespeare in the hallways. MS and US students [...]

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Imagining A 21st Century Liberal Arts Education

We can only begin to do, once we have begun to imagine… I slammed into my “mid-life crisis” like a VW bug hitting a bridge abutment. It crushed me! I was so caught up with what I could do, that I lost sight of what I ought to do. Not yet ready to give up [...]

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CWA and the Charge of the Light Brigade

"Cannon to the right of them, Cannon to the left of them, Cannon behind them Volley’s and thunder’d; Storm’d at with shot and shell, While horse and hero fell, They had fought so well Came thro’ the jaws of Death Back from the mouth of Hell, All that was left of them, Left of the [...]

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Takeaways from the 2016 NWAIS Fall Educators Conference

1,200 Electives! Agents of Change! Troublemakers and Transformers! At Charles Wright Academy, this is what the headline might read. I passionately believe that what Charles Wright Academy does for student learning, growth, and engagement is special. The opportunities our students have to examine and explore ideas and develop critical reading, writing, and thinking skills is [...]

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Our Commitment to Care and Putting Students First

On August 25, I had my first opportunity to address the entire Charles Wright Academy faculty and staff. I thought quite a bit about the tone and tenor of my remarks and hoped to engage them with humor, provocation, and an exciting charge for the coming school year. In my one-on-one visits with teachers and [...]

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