The arts are an integral part of our curriculum at Charles Wright Academy, not extras

Students at every grade level enjoy consistent, regular time dedicated to visual and performing arts—inspiring creativity, persistence, and confidence. We offer a breadth of opportunities taught by faculty who are also teaching artists so that students may discover and develop their unique talents.

Beginning School








What is an Atelier? An Atelier is a learning space. A place of research, invention and empathy expressed through a number of symbolic languages. The “languages” of a child refer to communication and emphasize the importance of providing children with many different ways to share their thinking about the world around them. The languages also represent the infinite amount of potential each child naturally has and each child’s individual view and understanding of their community. Our Atelier will be a shared environment, in which children will engage with varied materials in ways designed to provoke creativity and discovery. These invitations to learn usually take the form of a study or project based learning experience. Play is an authentic mode of discovery for children and the Atelier offers children space and time to dive deep into their curiosity. These studies are closely linked to classroom learning and curricular outcomes. Atelier experiences are also deeply tied to child voice allowing each child agency to follow their own wonders while in a space of co-learning with educators.

In the Atelier, children will have the opportunity to get messy, try new things, make mistakes, and experiment. The atelierista, in partnership with the classroom teachers, honor children’s wonders and knowledge. Working closely with the children, the atelierista curates fresh, personalized environments that inspire new thinking for each child. The children treat the Atelier like a working studio; materials are abundant and available and there is ample space to create with many different mediums. In these conditions, community is born, a story is written, and magic is made.

  • Atelier Building
  • Atelier Mixing
  • Atelier Play
  • Atelier Friends
  • Atelier Mirrors
  • Atelier Mixing Fun
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