Marquette University Class of 2015

Alex Coddington '11

Marquette University Class of 2015

"'So let me get this straight: No intercom or bells? All the sophomores just leave for a week and go camping? There were four people in your French class? People just left stuff in the hallways? You never had a lock on your locker? Did you go to a hippie school or something? I bet they didn't make you wear shoes,' a new friend says to me. 

I laugh, but laughing even harder is another Marquette student sitting next to me who graduated from another Tacoma high school. He thinks he knows what Charles Wright is, but only those of us who passed through those gates every day on Chambers Creek Road understand what Charles Wright really means.

What really sets Charles Wright apart are the people you meet there. Someone once told me that it is in college where I will meet the best friends of my life. While I would say that is true of most people, I do not think that can be said for the average Charles Wrightian. What is true for Charles Wright graduates is that they have found the best friends they will meet, and it is because of the community that Charles Wright gives its students."

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