It was with great excitement last summer that we invited the CWA community to view a collection of short films shining a spotlight on what makes Charles Wright Academy so special. In addition to a highlight reel showcasing the academic, artistic, and athletic programs that set CWA apart is a handful of family testimonials wherein Tarriers share why they made the decision to join our school family.

The Quisenberry family joined the CWA community when their oldest son, Connor ’14, was in second grade, and his brother Ryan ’19 joined a few years later. The family has appreciated that the teachers and program have been able to educate both boys in drastically different ways. “It’s not just the differences in what is taught here, it’s how it’s taught,” Ryan says. “The teachers, at least for me, have been absolutely fantastic in helping me learn how I wanted to learn.”

Connor is now in his junior year of college, and Ryan is a sophomore in CWA’s Upper School. “Looking at how he [thinks] about things has really made an impact on how I think about things,” Ryan says of how he and his brother approach school differently. “If I didn’t have Connor’s mind telling me to work on something harder or be persistent with something, I probably wouldn’t have as great of an academic mind as I would claim to.”

Learn more about the Quisenberrys’ experience at CWA by watching their testimonial video above.