Meet the Charles Wright Community

Charles Wright Community

Learning is all about people. It's about the relationships a student forms with peers and teachers. It's about the support parents and school leaders provide. We want you to get to know our students, parents, faculty, and alumni.

As you'll see, our students and alumni represent a broad range of academic, artistic and athletic aptitudes and abilities. The common attributes they share are a motivation to learn, desire to work hard and persist in the face of challenges, willingness to cooperate and engage fully in the life of the community, and a generally trusting and respectful attitude towards teachers and classmates.

Explore the bios and testimonials here on our website, then come to campus and get to know these people yourself!

For a closer look at the Charles Wright Academy faculty's dedication to our students, learn more about the 11 Commitments they have adopted and incorporated into every facet of the school culture:

The Charles Wright commitment to you, the student, is to:

1. Stimulate your intellectual curiosity and develop your critical thinking, preparing you for success in college and for learning throughout life;

2. Open your eyes to the world so that you grow to be a responsible, generous, and compassionate global citizen;

3. Nurture in you the values of hard work, accountability, resilience, perseverance, and self-management;

4. Encourage you to discover your talents so that art, music, and creative expression become a part of who you are;

5. Motivate you to be your competitive best while developing teamwork, leadership, and healthy habits for a lifetime of fitness;

6. Teach you the value of integrity so that it guides you in your relationships with others and yourself;

7. Develop in you a discerning and generous respect for others’ work and the gracious acceptance of others’ assessments of your own;

8. Provide you opportunities to discover the beauty and wonder of nature;

9. Inspire you to build strong interpersonal relationships that adapt and grow stronger as you experience life’s difficulties;

10. Laugh with you often and encourage you to use humor to make learning and life joyous; and

11. Deepen your awareness of spirituality as you pursue your life’s meaning, purpose, and direction.

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