Our Middle School teachers are exceptionally qualified and highly trained, both in the subjects they teach and in the art of instruction. They choose to teach here precisely because they are the sort of mentors and guides who aren’t content to simply stand in front of a class and lay down the law. They want the opportunity to know their students inside and out, the flexibility to be innovative with their teaching, and the responsibility for the success of their students’ education. Meet them here!

Jim Albers
Jim AlbersMiddle School History and Math Teacher, 6th Grade Team Leader
Adam Auter
Adam AuterMiddle and Upper School Spanish Teacher
Alisha Bright
Alisha BrightMiddle School Science and Language Arts Teacher
George Brockman
George BrockmanMiddle School Science and Upper School Math Teacher
Jamie Evans
Jamie EvansMiddle School English Teacher
Susanne Everill
Susanne EverillMiddle School Librarian
Saraid Faville
Saraid FavilleMiddle and Upper School Fitness Teacher
Dr. Dana Flaskerud
Dr. Dana FlaskerudMiddle and Upper School Spanish Teacher
Rudy Ford
Rudy FordMiddle School Head
John Forier
John ForierMiddle and Upper School Drama Teacher
Holly Gerla
Holly GerlaAcademic Technology Coordinator
Bob Gordon
Bob GordonMiddle School Visual Arts Teacher
Alia Greenbaum
Alia GreenbaumMiddle School and Upper School Japanese Teacher
Maren Hassenger
Maren HassengerMiddle and Upper School French Teacher
Christopher Hoppin
Christopher HoppinMiddle School Visual Arts Teacher, Art Department Chair
Heidi Huckins
Heidi HuckinsMiddle and Upper School Instrumental Music Teacher
Ryan Johnson
Ryan JohnsonMiddle and Upper School Science Teacher
Richard Kalustian
Richard KalustianMiddle School Math Teacher
Debra Leach
Debra LeachMiddle and Upper School Choirs Accompanist
Riley Meinershagen
Riley MeinershagenMiddle School Science Teacher
Yanely Mesa
Yanely MesaMiddle School Spanish Teacher
Treasea Miller
Treasea MillerMiddle School Registrar and Assistant to the Middle School Head
Rev. Mike Moffitt
Rev. Mike MoffittChaplain
Jenise Petrich
Jenise PetrichMiddle School History Teacher
Rachel Rippl
Rachel RipplMiddle School English Teacher, English Department Co-Chair
Todd Ritchie
Todd RitchieSchool Counselor
Rob Scotlan
Rob ScotlanMiddle and Upper School English Teacher, Eighth Grade Team Leader
Susan Sparrow
Susan SparrowMiddle and Upper School History Teacher
Dana Squires
Dana SquiresMiddle School Art Teacher
Rafe Wadleigh
Rafe WadleighMiddle and Upper School Choral Director, Performing Arts Department Chair
Lisa West
Lisa WestMiddle School Learning Specialist
Judy Williams
Judy WilliamsMiddle School Spanish Teacher, Seventh Grade Team Leader
Karla Winship
Karla WinshipLibrary Assistant