Four Charles Wright students studying Japanese received accolades in the 2017 Nengajo (Japanese New Year card) Competition, a national art contest sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of Japanese.

Middle Schooler Cedar O. ’22 placed first in the CG (computer generated; above) category in the middle school division while Beixi H. ’17 placed second in the artistic category in the high school division. Sofie L. ’21 (artistic) and Tahsis F. ’21 (comical) received honorable mentions in the middle school division.

The AATJ Nengajo competition welcomes submissions from students in elementary school through college. Each Japanese teacher is allowed to send up to two per category; this year Middle School Japanese teacher Alia Greenbaum sent eight for the middle school division and Upper School Japanese teacher Stephanie Glenn submitted six for the high school division. Overall, 787 cards were submitted by 127 Japanese teachers across the country. “We’re super proud of all of our students who participated and excited for these four in particular,” Ms. Greenbaum says.

Congratulations to Cedar, Beixi, Sofie, and Tahsis!

Beixi ’17

Tahsis ’21

Sofie ’21