Upper School French students welcomed a special guest to campus yesterday. Dr. Abel Ntambue is an epidemiologist with the University of Lubumbashi who specializes in infant and maternal health. He is from Democratic Republic of the Congo and is presently working on a research project at UW Tacoma. He stopped by Madame Telal‘s French 300 and AP French classes to discuss—all in French, of course—his research focusing on pregnant women who are infected with HIV and caring for premature babies.

Students also asked him questions about religion and science, politics, soccer, standard of living, education, and why he chose to work in public health. Madame Telal reports “his reply was he wanted to make a bigger impact on the world around him—promoting vaccination, preventive care, etc.”

The group also discussed freedom and responsibility. “He talked about differences between countries where human rights are respected and where they are not,” Madame Telal says. “He said that rights come with responsibilities and respect for others. He was amazing. Some of my students asked me if he could come back, because they still have many questions they want to ask him.”