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Kim Banti

Director of Communications and Marketing

Office | 253.620.8353

At Charles Wright Academy Since 2013

Northwestern University, BSJ

Kim was born and raised near the other Washington, in a suburb of the District in Northern Virginia around the corner from George Washington’s Mount Vernon. Surrounded by history, she fell in love with reading and was bitten by the journalism bug in high school. She went on to study journalism and English at Northwestern University, and upon graduation served as the assistant editor at a monthly arts and culture magazine in Chicago. “I’ve always been in awe of artists—painters, musicians, writers, photographers—who master storytelling through very personal yet diverse mediums,” she says. “Learning their processes for sharing their stories inspires me, and I in turn enjoy sharing their stories with others.”

Gaining experience in academic publishing at Encyclopaedia Britannica and in retail marketing at Amazon, Kim is thrilled to be at Charles Wright as the director of communications and marketing. “My mom and grandfather were both teachers for many years, and I was lucky to have several invaluable teachers in high school who impacted me in immeasurable ways,” she says. “I wanted to come to Charles Wright to be surrounded by passionate educators and eager students who, together, are doing incredible work and making the world a better place.”

Kim remains a voracious bookworm in her free time and enjoys experimenting with new recipes, binge watching HGTV, and exploring the Pacific Northwest with her husband and their English bulldog, Chili.

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