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Patti Crouch-Cook

Upper School English Teacher
Literary Magazine Advisor

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At Charles Wright Academy Since 1998

Western Washington University, MEd
University of Wyoming, BA

Patti Crouch-Cook teaches English in the Upper School. She loves literature, writing, and the chance to share it in “an environment where I’m allowed and even expected to always be growing.” Crouch-Cook says that her first English professor in college made her believe that nothing was more important than ideas and their powerful expression. “She was an old-school teacher who believed that literature could improve the world, and her influence changed my life.”

“Every day is different and interesting because I get to teach great literature and see how it challenges and/or inspires my students. Every time I think I have some piece of literature “figured out,” a student will come along with an insight that adds another amazing dimension,” says Crouch-Cook.

In addition to teaching, Crouch-Cook enjoys being the advisor for “Inkblots”, the Upper School literary magazine and says that she considers the Inkblots staff to be the “best and brightest” of the school.

Crouch-Cook says that she loves the faculty and staff of CWA and how deeply her colleagues are committed to their work. “I enjoy the sense of community and feeling that we’re doing important work while also taking time to laugh. I love the varied programs like Winterim, Outdoor Ed, and the various clubs that let us get to know students outside of the classroom.”

When not working, Crouch-Cook enjoys long cycling or backpacking trips with her family. “I’m soooo boring… except for that brief stint as a super model… Probably not relevant,” Crouch-Cook says with a smile.

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