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Julie Caesar, aspiring prom queen, brings Shakespeare alive at CWA

Julie Caesar, aspiring prom queen, brings Shakespeare alive at CWA

posted 2.5.2013

Charles Wright’s theater students like to surprise their audiences with unexpected twists on classic tales. This winter they’re pulling William Shakespeare into the 21st century with their production of Julie Caesar. Using the original script of The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, the students are staging a production in an aspiring prom queen is stabbed to death by social media. They will take to the stage this weekend with shows of February 7, 8 and 9 at 7:30 p.m. in the Donn Laughlin Theater at Rome High School, better known as Charles Wright Academy.

“The words are all Shakespeare, but we will do our best to communicate a message to a 2013 audience about 2013 issues, and most of all, we will do our best to make it really, really fun,” says John Forier, the director. “It’s not easy to make a Shakespearean tragedy fun, but we have an extraordinary group of kids and adults working on this.”

Forier promises epic Roman tragedy, contemporary social media, the best and worst of the 80s, and all the glory of a high school prom. The audience is encouraged to wear 80s attire and be a part of the show. Those involve say the show will be most enjoyed by those in Middle School and older.

The original play was written more than 400 year ago but the story about conspiracy, assassination, honor, loyalty and friendship transcends time. You can “like” the show’s Facebook page and reserve your seats by calling (253) 620-8300. Tickets are $10 general admission and $5 for students, faculty and staff.

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