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Charles Wright Academy is diverse and inclusive learning community. Cultivating respect and compassion is part of our work to create a campus climate that is nurturing to all our students, faculty and staff.

Diversity is embedded into every student’s experience at Charles Wright, inside the classroom and beyond. From pre-K through the Upper School, Charles Wright's curriculum digs deeply into the perspectives and experiences of many cultures. For example, Lower School students explore our world through projects, literature and community celebrations. Students in the fourth grade view the history of the Pacific Northwest using a multicultural lens. 

In seventh grade English, students focus on the theme of identity, delving into the perspectives of a variety of authors and using those experiences to explore their own identities. This theme continues in 8th grade art, culminating in a gallery opening of student heritage paintings during Middle School Heritage Night, a potluck dinner that invites families to celebrate and share their unique traditions and backgrounds. 

Additionally, many of our service projects give students an opportunity to engage with diverse communities, including our longstanding partnerships with the L'Arche Farm and Gardens, Boys and Girls Clubs of South Puget Sound, and Phoenix Housing Network. Upper School students lead their own clubs tackling social justice issues, celebrating multiculturalism, and educating their peers about diversity. Charles Wright Academy's Global Teen Summit brings high school students from around the world to our campus to explore diverse perspectives through personal connections and friendship.

As part of ongoing professional development, faculty and staff participate in annual diversity workshops, lead by the campus Diversity Committee, tackling such topics as spirituality, gender, sexual orientation, race and ethnicity.

We strongly encourage admission and employment applications from a diverse group of individuals. You will find our statements of non discrimination on the admission and employment pages of this website.

Diversity Statement

Charles Wright Academy is a diverse community that strives to expand and enrich students’ perspectives on the world. Recognizing the value of diversity in our community, Charles Wright Academy has an unwavering commitment to provide a respectful, supporting and nurturing environment in which to explore individual differences and commonalities and prepare students for today’s pluralistic society. - Adopted by the Board of Trustees, December 2009

Spirituality Statement

Founded under the auspices of the Episcopal Church, Charles Wright Academy has always strived to educate the whole child. Charles Wright welcomes diversity in religious and spiritual beliefs by accepting students of any faith or none and respects that each person’s spiritual journey is unique and is shaped by many forces. The school inspires students’ spiritual growth by exposing them to diverse sources of wisdom from the world’s great religious traditions. Led by the Chaplain, Charles Wright seeks to deepen students’ understanding of world faiths and to celebrate common values of faith, respect, compassion and courage. Charles Wright promotes a strong commitment of service to the community. We encourage students to believe they can make a difference as responsible global citizens. - Adopted by the Board of Trustees, May 2007

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