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Headmaster's Hello

Welcome to Charles Wright Academy! 

I invite you to explore our wonderful school through this website, and I encourage you to continue your journey with a visit to campus to really capture the impact of a Charles Wright Academy education. It is about the people.

At my first graduation ceremony as headmaster of CWA in 1997, I was struck by how different our ceremony is from other graduation events I had attended—diplomas are given to each graduate by a teacher or other adult member of the CWA community who the student has chosen for this honor. 

It was obvious to me why we graduate the way we do. The ceremony is warm and intimate. It is clear each June from watching the smiles, hugs, and high-fives that during their time with us, Charles Wright students form deep and meaningful connections with the adults at the school who have made a difference in the lives of the graduates. 

When strong relationships exist between adults and students, there is no limit to the learning that can occur. Starting in Jr. Kindergarten, the school both nurtures the spirits and challenges the minds of our students to prepare them for college and for life. By any measure, from standardized tests college admissions to their level of commitment to the greater good, our students are extraordinarily prepared for their next step in life. 

Our graduates grow to become educators, leaders in business, doctors, advocates, philanthropists, artists, environmentalists, and so much more. They are prepared by their time here to pursue whatever road in life inspires them. They are part of a network of Tarriers who stay connected to the school and with each other. 

We hope your visit to our website is the beginning of an exceptional journey for your family at Charles Wright Academy.

I look forward to meeting you in person.

Best regards,

Rob Camner

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